Using in real tasks

Belarusian and Russian text-to-speech synthesizer for stationary, mobile and web-based platforms

Regular people-to-people communication is performed through hearing and voice. This method of interaction is also desirable for the human-machine relationship. Such a technology as Speech Synthesis allows your mobile or stationary computer to convert separate words, sentances and other text fragments in one of two official languages ​​of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian or Russian, into speech.


Orthoepic Dictionary Generator

The service «Orthoepic Dictionary Generator» performs the task of converting the electronic spelling note of Belarusian words into phonetic transcription in accordance with the norms of modern Belarusian speech. The service receives the text in Belarusian, then presents the source data in transcribed form: at the output of the processing is Cyrillic transcription of the […]


The technology of person’s voice and diction computer cloning

Clonning technology unlocks new opportunities:

Reading an arbitrary text with a particular person’s voice and diction
Reproducing voices of famous people
Personalized voice warning by CTI methods
Phonoscopic examination on the basis of offenders’ voice clones entered into a data bank
Operative identification of a person’s voice to prevent “telephone terrorism”


Text To Speech on the AppStore

Here we represent a Belarusian and Russian text-to-speech synthesizer, which has been written in the programming language PHP. It receives a text in Belarusian or Russian at the input and generates an audio file in the format *. WAV.


The Automated Workstation for passenger voice informing

Nowadays there is a tendency to use serial electronic devices for passenger informing via a set of display and audio announcements on many urban passenger transport routes. In some cases there is a need to renew the existing display and audio records in the information system, in particular on bus routes (as opposed to the Metro information system).


The VoiceInformator automatic-answerback machine

VoiceInformator is your helper in the sea of voice information. It is an assistant which makes routine work for you on calling your clients and partners. Moreover it may serve as irreplaceable helper in receiving and recording voice messages. Assignment VoiceInformator is a software-hardware complex designed to deal with voice or SMS message transmission via the […]