Our Goals

Short-term Goals and Objectives:
 Long-term Goals and Objectives:
  • Automation of business processes and production of customers with the help of TTS, ASR, NLP, NLU, DL, ML, AI
  • The development of speech man-machine” interaction theory and algorithms on the basis of a comprehensive linguistic analysis of text and speech

The achievement of the objectives mentioned above will contribute substantially to the development of national economy in many fields of science and technology by the subsequent development of the following, far from complete, list of possible practical applications (Case Study):

  • Internet-service through telephone call – ticket and service ordering
  • Telephone question-answering system call centers
  • Automated telephone notification systems
  • Voice support of solving CAD tasks
  • Public address systems in public transport and at air and rail terminals
  • Voice prompts during editing pictures
  • Step by step instructions on equipment installation and adjustment
  • Reading of e-books
  • Voicing of SMS messages in mobile devices
  • Auditory monitoring of tables and texts
  • Preview trailer voicing
  • Computer assisted language and speech learning
  • Computers for the Blind & Visually Impaired
  • Creation of a bank of offenders’ voice clones
  • Operational personality identification by voice
  • Voice imitation in the process of film and video creation
  • Custom designed alert system
  • Distance learning with the voice of virtual teacher
  • Intelligent virtual agents
  • Information kiosks with audio-visual interface
  • Aircraft and space simulators with audio-visual interface
  • Training simulators for post-stroke speech rehabilitation
  • Robots with inbuilt TTS and STT systems
  • Versions of Web-systems for the visually impaired with an adapted visual part, automated functions for entering voice commands and with functions for outputting audio messages
  • Algorithms and their software implementations for text and speech processing in Web systems (sites, portals, online scripts, Colab notebooks)
  • Algorithms and their software implementations for text and speech processing in mobile systems (IOS, Android)

New directions of systems development

  • (New!) Systems for recognizing animal “voice” signals
  • (New!) Electronic Platforms (Web, Mobile, Messengers, etc) for collecting subject data for future implementation of text, speech, and audio processing algorithms
  • (New!) Algorithms and their software implementations for text and speech processing in messengers (Telegram bots)
  • (New!) Voice messengers in the form of mobile apps and Telegram-bots
  • (New!) Q&A personalized systems

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