The technology of person’s voice and diction computer cloning

Clonning technology unlocks new opportunities:

  •  Reading an arbitrary text with a particular person’s voice and diction
  •  Reproducing voices of famous people
  •  Personalized voice warning by CTI methods
  •  Phonoscopic examination on the basis of offenders’ voice clones entered into a data bank
  • Operative identification of a person’s voice for “telephone terrorism” prevention

Many a man may get interested if their computers speak by their own voices or by a voice of a close or famous person. And even though such a voice is not a biological clone, but a computer one, the owners of this “clone” can be sure that at least a piece of their essence will remain imperishable. In general, due to its high quality, naturalness, personalization and recognizability, voice and speech technology can make it more attractive to use speech synthesizers in a variety of computer control systems.


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