For Researchers



image001The official site of The Global Institute for Scientific Information
(info on the World Science Research Journals’ Impact Factors)

Info on How to Write Articles and Research Papers

How to write a good abstract for conference and journal papers (guidance from Philip Koopman, Carnegie Mellon University)

How to Write Your Thesis in 10 Minutes a Day 🙂

What is a Ph.D.?

About The Journal of Belarusian Studies

For Linguists, translators and for those interested in linguistics, philology, and languages


Russian-to-Belarusian Transliteration Service(in case of a Belarusian keyboard layout being absent)

Cyrillics-to-Łacinka and Łacinka-to-Cyrillics Transliteration (or Official Belarusian Transliteration) Service

Guidelines on How to Make Editing Translations (into Belarusian) more Manageable and Successful

Up-to-date Information on Belarusian Philology

Explore The Languages Of The World

The official website of the International Phonetic Association

The Law on the Belarusian Spelling and Punctuation Rules

The Most Common Mistakes in Belarusian
(info by the company “Prauny pieraklad”)

Be-Ru and Ru-Be Dictionaries + Definition Dictionary

News, jokes and even more

Belarusian Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia

Translation of one or two English Words into the European Languages  simultaneously, with the results being displayed on the Europe Geopolitical Map

Word Search in Belarusian or Russian Online Dictionaries

Definition Dictionary

A large set of Belarusian Dictionaries available for use in the ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Software

The Collection of Belarusian literary works:

Prose, Poetry , Biography, etc.
For all texts, there is a service that allows you to get an explanatory article for a word by double click on it

Belarusian N-korpus

ETAP-3 Machine Translation System

The Open Source proof­reading soft­ware LanguageTool now also provides proofreading for the Belarusian language

English Spell Checkers:

The following project may be interesting to translators: the system is based on self-learning of bilingual parallel texts

Online Machine Translation System BELAZAR (Be->Ru and Ru->Be)

The World Belarusian Dictionary

One can get a word annotation from several dictionaries:

a Spelling Dictionary (Nasha Niva), a Belarusian Language Dictionary and  a Grammatical Dictionary of Nouns

Typing texts with IPA symbols (the IPA Unicode “Keyboard”)

The Unicode “Keyboard” for typing texts with symbols of different languages

Aubio tool to extract annotations from audio signals

Tatoeba is a collection of sentences and translations.

It’s collaborative, open, free and even addictive.

Couples said in two languages separated by tabs

Tab-delimited Bilingual Sentence Pairs

Semantic Search

POS-tagging and dependency-parsing for Belarusian language

UD for Belarusian

Good videos to watch

Sherlock and the Belarusian language

Ivan Vasilievich changes the language

Scots in a voice recognition elevator, or why do we need to learn languages

300 linguists

TED па-беларуску

  • Білі Грэм на TED канферэнцыі 1998 года

  • Робат-фокуснік

  • 3D друк

(шукайце больш у суполцы Кінаконг – кіно па-беларуску)

For programmers and developers, as well as for those interested in natural language processing


“All About Natural Language Processing”

HTML Handbook

A textbook on Natural Language Processing with Python

A textbook on Automatic Natural Language Processing

Alchemy API Online-Service that provides wide opportunities for Natural Language Processing
(a real source of inspiration)

Digital Humanities – a German website with useful info for those interested in computer-based methods for text processing /methods of Corpus linguistics

Many examples on the most basic regular expressions

Online regular expression testing

Unicode Characters and their descriptions

Unicode character table

The most common text symbols and signs ranged by category

How to make FineReader more suitable for Belarusian text

Speech recognition and conversion according to UDC (Russian version)

JPG to PDF online converter

HMM-based Text-to-Speech System Flite+hts_engine Demonstration Page

Dead link checker


Top Speech Recognition Software Products

  • Learn to code in

Demo-version of CiceroLite – program that recognizes hundreds of different types of named entities in English (and some other languages)

(more info here)

Programming Languages

Web Tools Database

Accessible environment: hardware and software is a project of those who want to participate in the revival of the Belarusian language

Python. Computer vision

Miscellanea for Everyone


Belarusian TTS

The cheapest ways to travel Europe (especially the Baltic region) with the Estonian Lux Express buses

The cheapest ways to travel Germany and adjacent countries with high-speed trains of Deutsche Bahn

Open Online Courses and books for self-education

Cooking Recipes with photos

For tourists: Unique tours led by locals

Biełaruskaja łacinka (правапіс)

Belarusian Wardley

For writing articles in English

Handbook on the principal challenges of plain English style and Grammar

The Elements of Style by William Strunk.

Для натхнення ў дызайну (сайтаў, прэзентацый, блогаў)

Here you can find examples of unusual and interesting PowerPoint presentations

Huge collection of book covers

The best samples of industrial design

The most interesting examples of type graphics

The site is for the lovers of information graphics and visualization of statistics

The best examples of the user interfaces

A gallery of the most interesting and inspiring sites

The most unusual  designs of the sites on the basis HTML5 of technology

Excellent HDR photography

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