Guide for the international exhibition «Belarus and the Bible»

Guide for the international exhibition «Belarus and the Bible» The audio guide was prepared for «Belarus and the Bible» international exhibition, which took place at the National Library of Belarus from September 20 to October 21, 2018. The exhibition was organized by the National Library of Belarus and the non-profit organization «Manuscript Research Group» (USA). […]


Service Demonstrator Py

Access to the service via the API To access the service «Service Demonstrator Py» via the API, you should send an AJAX-request (type: POST) to the address With an input array data the following parameters are passed: input — arbitrary input text. checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3 — markers of checkbox activity; take the values «0» and «1». radio — active […]


Bilingual question-answering dialogue system

The structure of an experimental system of natural language interfaces is shown in the figure below. This system receives voice questions in Belarusian or Russian, processes them into a text. On its basis text, a message is generated. Then it is synthesized into a speech. Figure 1. Functional layout of QA dialogue system for Belarusian and Russian […]