Supercomputer, biometric passport and “Internet of things”: what you can see at Tibo-2017

News of Belarus. An office supercomputer, “smart parking” and “Internet of things” – these and other innovations will be presented at specialized exhibition “TIBO”. It will be opened in Minsk on April 18.

Dozens of local and foreign companies will present cutting-edge developments in the area of high technology and connections. About trends of the season before the forum – in the programme News “24 hours” on CTV.

An application will convert any city of Belarus into an open-air museum and will give its user a tour directly while walking: a true guide in a mobile telephone. Young scientists-programmers have what to show at Tibo.

Aliena Kryvaĺcevič, the creator of the mobile application:

Google Maps is embedded in the mobile programme and one can see where one or another object is situated. But in future it is planned that GPS-coordinates are found automatically and the audio guide switches on according to a showplace which is near by it.

And a next showpiece won’t fit into a pocket. An office supercomputer (so the Belarusian development was named) will be carried to Tibo by a special automobile, as its weight is 30 kilos after all. This smart machine is a highlight of the exhibition and a finding for geologists.

Siarhiej Kruhlikaŭ, Deputy Director General of United Institute of Informatics Problems of NAS of Belarus:

Such system unit in which there are 10 computational nodes each of which if say in consumer words presents a server. The supercomputer allows to cipher at a speed of 10 trillion operations in a second.

A whole stand will be dedicated to the electronic government – a project which already has a beginning. Everyone can learn about a biometric passport, an ID-card and state services online.

Michail Čaščyn, the director of the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus:

Three blocks to be presented: G to G – government and government, G to B – government and business and G to C – government and citizens. We tried to cover full range which could interest exhibition visitors. 100 companies from 17 countries will be exhibited at Tibo. For the first time a national stand will be brought by Azierbajdžan. The best specialists in the information technologies and communication field will deliver lectures.

Siarhiej Papkoŭ, Minister of communication and informatization of the Republic of Belarus:

We will underline the development and construction of the electronic government, digital transformation of different spheres of new economics. These are those new trends which are developing today in the world. This is also the fourth industrial revolution, informatization of all spheres of life.

Dzmitry Bajarovič, STV:

Many interesting things expect everyone who will come on April 18 to Tibo. At the exhibition special focus will be made on cloud products and projects in the area of “Internet of things”. If you don’t know what it is you should go there in particular.

And also a project of clever parking will be presented and a 5G technology will be tested at Tibo.

Суперкомпьютер, биометрический паспорт и «интернет вещей»: что можно будет посмотреть на Tibo-2017