Generation.by. «A user-friendly spell-check service of the Belarusian character “Ў” has emerged on the Internet»

The speech synthesis and recognition laboratory of United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has developed a user-friendly spell-check web-service of the Belarusian character “Ў”. This special laboratory of the National academy is successfully engaged in researches of the Belarusian language speech recognition and the synthesis algorithms development. And at the time of this great project the other useful programs are being created. Among them is the before-mentioned process-specialized service […]


The universal mobile Belarusian-speaking robot was shown to the public on “TIBO-2013”

April 23, 2013 Alexander Arsenov, IT.TUT.BY During the “TIBO-2013” show, Robotics.by together with the United Institute of Informatics Problems demonstrated several models of universal mobile robot’s prototypes on tracked chassis. How to make an intelligent robot in the pure flush of Belarusian enthusiasm >>> Robots can be controlled both by Wi-Fi or special XBee PRO protocol and by remote control, or by […]