Table Processor

The service “Table processor” is intended for the conversion of initial data into table view and for resulting table processing. The external interface of the service is shown in Figure 1. At the service entrance, you can submit data in a specific format that interests the user. To get a table with user information, you need to click on the “Show table!”


Figure 1 – Appearance of the service “Table Processor”


The service processes the input information as an input and, as a result, presents the user with the following table view, which is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2 – The result of the service “Table Processor”


The service also provides the user with the opportunity not only to create a table of initial data, but also to process it. Additional service functions are presented in Figure 3. These include the ability to delete, for example, column 4 (Figure 5) and reverse column (or columns), for example, 2 and 4 (Figure 4). The service allows you to gradually (one by one) delete the column. The method and results are presented in the corresponding figures. These functions are after the button “Show table!”


Figure 3 – Additional features of service


Figure 4 – The method and result of changes in place of columns


Figure 5 – Method and result of deleting one of the columns


Note! During the initial data collection, the service itself does not divide the information into columns. To form columns, you need to separate the data with a special character that can be simply copied (first selecting it, as shown in Figure 6) and inserted between, for example, words that should be in different columns. If the user does not put this sign, the source data will not be distributed among the columns in the table (or this will be done incorrectly).


Figure 6 – The symbol of the “breakdown” of the data into columns (highlighted in blue)


Figure 7 shows the result of the service with user data, which was formatted using the “separator” symbol, which is discussed in Figure 6.


Figure 7 – Result of the service with user data (with formatting)


Service page –

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