Morse Code Converter

Mobile application «Morse Code Converter» allows a user to convert text into Morse code signals and vice versa, as well as listen to the converted output signal of this code.

This mobile application functions as a clone of the same web service platform «Morse Code Converter» and is available on Google Play Market (figure 1).

Figure 1. Mobile application «Morse Code Converter» on Google Play Market

The mobile application has an input text, as well as two buttons, that allows fast deleting («D») and fast renewal of the field by default («R»). Also, there is the field of sign language coding selection.

The user can select the playback rate of the audio file and therewith validate the converted signal through the visual display of sound signal (figure 2, 3).

Figure 2. Example of mobile application «Morse Code Converter» work

Figure 3. Example of mobile application «Morse Code Converter» work

There is no possibility to download the converted audio file via mobile application.

Mobile application «Morse Code converter» in Google Play (temporarily unavailable, under update police process)


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