RSS Reader

The service “RSS Reading” is necessary for the user to monitor the periodically refreshable information on the web-sites. The given service gives the opportunity to input any random Internet address or select it from the list by default and get the description list of latest news or new site articles. For correct work of this service the input address must be a link to RSS of the site. These links can be found almost at any information portal. It is enough to find the following image on the main page of the site,rss-icon click it and copy the link from the address bar. Then one can paste this address into the relevant field on the service page and click “Get RSS”. After the service processes the link, the list of article descriptions will appear. Each description includes headline of piece of news or article, page references, where it is posted, dates of posting and the brief on-line text summary. Service interface has the following form:


Service page:

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