Web Page Content Saver

The “Web Page Content Saver” (figure 1) allows user to save the HTML code of any internet-page without any difficulties.
It is enough to input the link in the field “Please input an URL” and click the button “Get page”. After the processing two text documents (*txt) are formed: with HTML tags (figure 2) and without them (figure 3). To save the document with HTML tags one need to click the link “Download full html page”, and respectively to save the document without tags, one need to click “Download html page without tags”.

getPageByUrl_interfaceFigure 1 – The interface of the service of getting page by URL

getPageByUrl_exampleWithTagsFigure 2 – Fragment of the document with HTML tags

getPageByUrl_exampleWithoutTagsFigure 3 – Fragment of the document without tags

Service page: http://corpus.by/WebPageContentSaver/?lang=en

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