Thematic Lists Collector

The task of the service “Thematic Lists Collector” is to provide at least one vivid example for displaying any allophone or diphone (in this case it is formed of sonorant and vowel). Word lists, which were created by expert, are the basis of the given service. The matched words were grouped by the subjects for using and perceiving them more effectively. The random set of words which are sometimes not interconnected at all evokes some difficulties – the user subconsciously starts to correlate a certain word with its subject field, which diverts attention from the task and slows down work.

To get the word lists for allophones, which are subject-grouped, one should click “Read Data from Xslx File (Allophones)” (figure 1), for diphones – “Read Data from Xslx File (Diphones)” (figure 2).

image002Figure 1 – Word lists for allophones representation

image004Figure 2 – Word lists for diphones representation

Data of the service will be used for improving the TTS synthesizer by reading and cutting allophones, which at the moment are either absent in the database of synthesizer or of bad quality.


Access to the service via the API

To access the service «Thematic Lists Collector» via the API, you should send an AJAX-request (type: POST) to the address With an input array data the following parameters are passed:

  • selector — marker for list to get:
    • readWordsFromTableArrAllophones;
    • readWordsFromTableArrDiphones;
    • readInFile_2Robots;
    • readInFile_3Robots.

Example of AJAX-request:

   type: “POST”,
   url: “”,
      “selector”: “readInFile_2Robots”
   success: function(msg){ },
   error: function() { }

The server returns a JSON-array with the following parameters:

  • result — resulting list.

For example, the following reply will be formed on the above listed AJAX-request:

      “result”: “The in file is 0.0058574676513672 Megabytes
Робат _ З _ Камерай дашлі фотаздымак
Робат _ З _ Камерай зрабі фотаздымак злева
Робат _ З _ Камерай зрабі фотаздымак справа
Робат _ З _ Камерай зрабі фотаздымак ззаду
Робат _ З _ Камерай зрабі фотаздымак спераду
Робат _ З _ Камерай павярні направа
Робат _ З _ Камерай павярні налева
Робат _ З _ Камерай павярні назад
Робат _ З _ Камерай павярні уперад



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