Philology.BY – International conference “NooJ’2015” (Minsk, June 11–13, 2015)

nooj-dateThe Speech synthesis and recognition laboratory of the United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus together with the “ELLIADD” laboratory (Franche-Comte university, Besancon) runs the Eighteenth International Conference on Electronic Documents in Natural Language Processing “NooJ’2015” (11-13 June 2015).

This conference:

− allows linguistics, computer linguistics researchers to meet NooJ users and share their experience with them as developer, researcher and/or educator;

− introduces NooJ users to the latest linguistic resources and NLP applications that were developed for/using NooJ, new functionality, and also prospects for the development;

− offers researchers and postgraduates the participation in two seminars (basic level and advanced level) to learn, how to analyse electronic word corpora and build NLP applications using NooJ;

− at first hand makes it possible to introduce and familiarize with new  NooJ (v5).

The subject of the conference covers the linguistics resources development (typo-graphics, orthography, syllabic division, phonetic and prosodic transcription, morphology, lexical analysis, local syntax, structural syntax, transformational analysis, paraphrasing, semantic annotations, semantic analysis, etc.) and indeed the electronic corpora processing (corpus-based linguistics, identification, discourse analysis, business analytics, NLP applications and etc.).

Abstracts in English are accepted by February 1, 2015. The abstract template is – here. The abstract must contain paper title, name, organization, and author(s) e-mail. Abstracts must not exceed the capacity of one page (about 400-600 words) and to must be sent by EasyChair.

All received abstracts will be passed to the scientific committee, and not later than March 31 the authors receive notification of their paper registration in the conference bill.

The file format of final version is PDF. All accepted abstracts are included into the «“International NooJ’2015 conference abstracts”. NooJ’2015».

Note to self! If You have difficulties with abstract submission into EasyChair system, then we ask You to connect the organizing committee via e-mail – – Additional information is on page

Aliaksiej Jaskievic

January 14, 2015


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