Phrase Composer

«Phrase Composer» is your helper and guide in the world of the correct pronunciation of phrases and words in Belarusian. The mobile application will help you to learn the Belarusian language or will be your irreplaceable friend if you have some special moments with hearing or speaking.

Phrase Composer will help to:

  • compose a phrase or small text according to all rules of Belarusian via only a few taps;
  • learn how to use word forms correctly;
  • learn how to speak in Belarusian;
  • learn how the unknown Belarusian words should be pronounced;
  • and many other things.

With Phrases Composer you will open new horizons. For children and adults.

Figure 1. The main screen of mobile application «Phrase Composer»

The mobile application is developed with Java programming language for Android operating system, versions 2.2 and higher. The mobile application consists of a combination of popular word forms and phrases lists and function of voicing this phrases and words with speech synthesizer that was developed by Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition Laboratory of UIIP NAS Belarus.

Figure 2. Page with topic “Animals” of mobile application «Phrase Composer»

The mobile application is available for free downloading and usage in Google Play Market (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Mobile application «Phrase Composer» on Google Play Market


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