Voice Recorder

Mobile application «Voice Recorder» is aimed at recording, saving and listening to the sounds on the mobile device.

The mobile application was developed with Java programming language on the basis of the Android operating system for versions 2.2 and higher. Sounds recording is performed with a microphone of the device and is converted to the MPEG_4 format. The mobile application was developed in the Android Studio development framework and does not use external libraries.

The mobile application has two screens. On the first screen (figure 1) after a tap on the «Start» button the sound recording is starting (figure 2). After a tap on the «Stop» button, the sound recording stops and a user may save an audio file or cancel the saving. Additionally, a user may rename the audio file or save it with the default name (figure 3, 4). If tap «Start» without stopping the recording, the new recording will be started, and the previous one will be saved with the default name.

Figure 1. Frontend interface of the «Voice Recorder» mobile application

Figure 2. Sound recording process in the «Voice Recorder» mobile application

If a user taps «Files» button, so the user goes to another screen of the mobile application (figure 3). On this screen there is a list of all saved audio files, that a user can rename after a long tap on the file (figure 4). A user may see the names of the audio files, their duration. Also, a user may choose one file for the listening to. After tapping on the «Play» button the chosen file will start playing. After tapping on the «Pause» button the audio record will be paused. A user may control the process of playing via special scale.

Figure 3. A list of saved recordings in the «Voice Recorder» mobile application

The mobile application is available for free download on Google Play Market (figure 5). (temporarily unavailable, under update police process)

Figure 5. The mobile application «Voice Recorder» on Google Play Market


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