Sound Recorder

Service “Sound Recorder” allows you to record sound directly in the browser, without using any additional programs. The interface is very simple, but gives the minimum set of necessary tools for work. The service can record a random sound or record through your microphone, voice it, will allow you to download to a computer or use a direct link.

Figure 1 – External interface of the service “Sound Recorder”


How to work with “Sound Recorder”.

  1. During the launch of the service page, the user must be allowed to use the microphone installed on the computer.

Figure 2 – Permission to use the service of the microphone installed on the computer


2. To make an audio recording, you need to press the “Record” button.

Figure 3 – Start recording


3. To stop recording, you need to click on the “Stop” button.

Figure 4 – Completion of the sound recording


4. After the above steps, the user can listen to the recording using the “Play” button or download the file to a computer using the “Download” function.

Figure 5 – Ability to listen and download sound recordings to a computer


Links to sources
Service page –

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