Transcription Generator

Service “Transcription Generator” is designed for graphic recording of the sound of words (Figure 1). The functionality of the service is not limited to processing of individual words, but also allows you to process large amounts of text. At the entrance to the service page, the user can see an example of the input text on which transcription can be obtained. If you press the “Clear! / Ачысціць!” button, the window for entering text will be cleared for you to enter your text.

transcriptionGenerator_GUI_2015-03-19Figure 1 – External service interface “Transcription Generator”

Service allows users to transcribe a text into 4 types of transcription: Cyrillic, simplified Latin, IPA and X-SAMPA. The information about all types can be found by using the instructions on page service links to the official website of the transcription, page on Wikipedia, or the book that was used while developing a specific type of transcription. Another functional feature of the service is the ability to customize the resulting data. Having noted relevant paragraphs in the settings, the user can get the final transcription in square brackets or without them, in the transcription of each word the phonemes can be displayed together or separated by commas. If you activate the option “Паказаць інтанацыйныя паметы” ‘Show intonation marks’, the final text will be broken into fragments of intonation – Syntagmas – specific tags (for example, a vertical bar ‘|’ in the case of a comma and a double vertical bar ‘||’ at the end of a sentence or paragraph). Also, for better perception of the resulting data the user can choose in a drop-down menu “Паказваць сінтагмы ў слупок” ‘In a column Syntagma Show’ or “Паказваць сінтагмы ў радок” ‘Show Syntagma in a Row’. After entering the required text and service settings for transcription have to click on “Get transcriptions! / Атрымаць транскрыпцыі!”. Examples of the service with different settings are shown in Figures 2 and 3.

transcriptionGenerator_usage_2015-03-19_1Figure 2 – The result of text transcription that is shown on the service by default. Syntagmas are given in the column, the words are in square brackets, phonemes are separated by commas, intonation is also marked.

transcriptionGenerator_usage_2015-03-19_2Figure 3 – The result of text transcription that is shown on the service by default. Syntagmas are given in line, the words are not marked in square brackets, phonemes are not separated by commas, intonation is marked.

Service page

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