Text Processing System for Russian and Belarusian with Means of Linguistic Processor NooJ

Using the algorithms for converting electronic dictionaries, Belarusian and Russian dictionaries and grammars were developed and adapted for the linguistic configurable processors NooJ. The Belarusian module is available for downloading and use (Figure 1). Both Belarusian and Russian modules are applied together with bilingual text-to-speech synthesizer (Figure 2, Figure 3).


image003Figure 1 – Belarusian linguistic NooJ resources published on the official website of the program – www.NooJ4nlp.net.

image005Figure 2 – An example of Belarusian text analysis for searching complex numerical sequences for correct prosodic marking in a TTS system

image007Figure 3 – An example of Russian text analysis for searching specifically stressed word sequences for correct prosodic marking in a TTS system

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