Belarus now: “Nowadays thought-starters are issued”

How to attract  business to the scientific development of young people? What projects could interest investors? Youth Innovation Forum “Science and Business 2012” at the National Academy of Sciences was appealled to answer these questions, which gathered researchers from Belarus and other CIS countries. Nearly half of one hundred participants prepared their specific projects, ideas and suggestions.

There is no secret that the business community is not eager to invest in risky innovation projects. Now it is the time of ideas and capital convergence, of gaining in experience. The chairman of the Board of Young Scientists of NAS Uladzimir Kazbanaŭ draws attention to the fact that today is very important how the project is presented, a beautiful “coverage” and competent PR strategy. Therefore, the main purpose of the forum is not so much to find investors, but to teach young scientists how to present ideas in the right way.

By the way, the correspondents of “NB” met old friends at the exhibition. We wrote about the speech synthesis system of Juraś Hiecevič and Zmicier Pakladok (Joint Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences) and the usage of implants with a diamond-like coverage (Uladzimir Kazbanaŭ , Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences). Many have heard about the idea of creating a new and affordable medicine for the treatment of diabetes on the basis of the fungus spatula. It makes people wonder whether the theory comes to practice? Not so often as we would like, but it happens. For example, the computer video-monitoring of  living cells “Tsytamir” was presented at the Youth Innovation Forum 2 years ago. Now Jaraslaŭ Šejka who is Ph.D, a senior fellow at the laboratory  of genetic processes simulations of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology, explains the nuances of the prototype: “A special heat chamber creates conditions for normal functioning of cells. The process is recorded and then the image is transmitted to a computer. It results in a film that we can transfer to any country, observe all processes. It saves researcher’s time”. The first industrial prototype has already been made at the “Planar” and even have two orders – from Belarus and Kazakhstan. One more example. After the first forum of “Science and Business”, many participants with their  ideas and proposals participated in the project “100 ideas for Belarus”. Viktar Sacišur, the representative of Polessky agro-environmental Institute, drew attention to its development of profitable waste management. Now the researches try to receive the credit for its realization.

Next spring a business conference for business in the EEA  is planned to be organized and one of that days the best youth development of two years will be presented. There are a lot of ideas which need real support.

Author of publication: Julija VASILIŠYNA

Photo: Vitaĺ HIĹ

Publication date: 10.11.2012


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