The young members of the United Institute of Informatics Problems created the Russian and Belarusian speech synthesizer

Initially the program was developed specifically for the visually impaired.  A phone robot for banks and utilities was appeared later.

Kaciaryna Šybko states about one out of  hundred ideas for Belarus.

Young scientists of the Academy of Sciences have managed to create a computer robot that speaks.  Unfortunately, it does not enter into a dialogue, it voices a written text. But, as the developers say, this is not going to stop them. They joke, the synthesizer of Russian and Belarusian languages can be improved until the robot walks.

Juraś Hiecevič, United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:

It is still only a plan. The main and the only idea of the program to help visually impaired people  is realized. Now, with the robot, they can learn the rules of the road traffic regulations and listen to absolutely any product. Such a program for people with limited vision costs ten times less than the Braille books. And considering that in Belarus about 30 thousand people are visually impaired, we can save a lot of money during the education. This idea has already implemented in a specialized school in Molodechno. It was one of the first steps. Young scientists have gone further. They have developed the so-called telephone robot for banks, utilities, and even for the Emergency Control Ministry- the program can remind customers about the loan payments and promptly announce an emergency. The linguists, by the way, also have found the project application.

Aliena Skopinava, a computer linguist of the United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:

In fact, the project has become popular not only in our country but also abroad, thanks to “100 Ideas for Belarus” competition. As it turned out, Russian colleagues got interested in the program and decided to buy it for their Academy of Sciences. Now, developers have stated that it is necessary to obtain a patent. There is no analogues of such a project.


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