Phonetic Minimizer

The «Phonetic Minimizer» service allows the user, basing on a corpus of texts in Belarusian, to form a minimized set of sentences covering all phonetic units present in the original corpus. The service receives the text entered by the user or the user selected text base. The user can define two minimization parameters: the base unit by which minimization occurs, and the search border, to which a search is made for each unique phonetic unit. The output is three text files: a file with a minimized sentence corpus, a file with a list of unique phonetic units, and a file with a list of rare phonetic units.

Калі Вы знайшлі ў тэксце памылку правапісу, калі ласка, выдзеліце гэты тэкст і націсніце Ctrl+Enter.

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