The «Romanizator» service is designed to convert a Belarusian-language text written in Cyrillic characters into a text written in Latin characters. The service receives a Belarusian-language text recorded in the Belarusian Cyrillic alphabet. This text may have the form of personal names, geographical names or other information. After processing the text, at the output the user receives a latinized record of the input Cyrillic text.


Access to the service via the API

To access the service «Romanizator» via the API, you should send an AJAX-request (type: POST) to the address With an input array data the following parameters are passed:

  • text — arbitrary input text in Belarusian.
  • romanizationType — romanization type. Available types:
    • geographicRomanization — romanization used for geographical names;
    • passportRomanization — romanization used for names in passport.

Example of AJAX-request:

   type: “POST”,
   url: “”,
   data: {
      “text”: “Шаркаўшчына”,
      “romanizationType”: “geographicRomanization”
   success: function(msg){ },
   error: function() { }

The server returns a JSON-array with the following parameters:

  • text — input text.
  • result — resulting romanization.

For example, the following reply will be formed on the above listed AJAX-request:

      “text”: “Шаркаўшчына”,
      “result”: “Šarkaŭščyna”


Links to sources

Service page:

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