«A user-friendly spell-check service of the Belarusian character “Ў” has emerged on the Internet»

The speech synthesis and recognition laboratory of the United Institute of Informatics Problems National Academy of Sciences of Belarus developed the user-friendly spell-check web-service of the Belarusian short “U”.
This laboratory of the National academy has been successfully working out Belarusian speech recognition and synthesis algorithms for a long time. While developing this great project, other useful programs are being created. Among them there is a specialized short U spell checker, developed for a quick text verification before synthesis.

«U_check» is designed to check quickly large electronic Belarusian texts for «u» and «short u» misspelling. The service checks spelling excluding the exceptions to the rules, as they are often being changed, – young Scientist, Head of Laboratory, Yuras Hetsevich tells

The majority of existing Belarusian spellcheckers are based on the dictionaries listing and do not recognize the simple rule of writing Belarusian “u/short u”.

The service identifies possible mistakes, firstly, if «u» is written after a vowel, and secondly, if «short u» is written after a consonant or another non-vowel character, – Yuras explains the algorithm of the program.

The laboratory decided to post some results of their work in order to engage more users in the course of research, and team is ready to receive users’ suggestions to improve the final product.


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