The universal mobile Belarusian-speaking robot was shown to the public on “TIBO-2013”

April 23, 2013 13:25

Alexandr Arsenov, IT.TUT.BY

The exhibition “Tibo-2013” together with United Institute of Informatics Problems showed several prototype models of mobile robots on caterpillar chassis.

How to make intelligent robots on pure Belarusian enthusiasm>>>

Robots can be controlled both via Wi-Fi or a special protocol XBee PRO, and a remote control or by means of a mobile application on the smartphone.

With the help of a passive infrared sensor  robots can not only detect the presence of obstacles, but also the type of obstacle: a wall, stairs, columns… A video camera and recording equipment can be fixed on the robot, as well as additional sensors at customer’s option.

The robots also can be equipped with a voice system. UIIP development reports about the type of obstacles in Belarusian. 

The control card  on the basis of microcontroller Amtel is in-house development. Correspondents IT.TUT.BY were shown the first pilot version of the control collected literally “on the knees”.

The robots are designed for the educational purposes and Entertainment Tehnomanians’ entertainment. In nearest future they may be used for scientific and even military purposes.

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