The Belarusian Language Society represented the Belarusian-language edition of the Road Traffic Regulations

The Belarusian-language version of the road traffic regulations was presented in Francisak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society in Minsk on the 20th of March. The edition was approved officially in Y.Kolas and Y.Kupala Institute of Language and Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.pdr

This beautiful well-printed reference book was published in an edition of 200 copies in publishing house “Radiola-plus”.

The coordinator of the project Aliena Anisim, the first deputy chairman of the Belarusian Language Society, expressed her gratitude to all members, who have been involved in the preparation and publication of the rules, primarily to the young  scientists Sviatlana and Juraś Hiecevič, who on their own initiative decided to work on the topic, because they considered it important and urgent. Then, they handed over their results to the head of the association. In her opinion, the text of the book corresponds to the principles of reliability, uniformity and accuracy. Anisim said that an electronic Вelarusian version of the abstract had been already prepared for the study of traffic rules. It is also planned to prepare test materials for Belarusian-language exam for a driving license. According to her words, recently the Internet portal appeared in the public association, where the electronic version of the rules is located. “We achieve something only when we know what we want”- Anisim said. She thinks, the Belarusian society is on the verge of new achievements. “The community is a powerful crowd, it can do a lot, but it needs to understand that it is necessary not to everyone but also to others. And we need to find like-minded people and call them for help”, the deputy chairman of the association said.

According to Alieh Trusaŭ, the chairman of BLS ( Francisak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society), a book had been prepared by the public association for six years. Taking into account all the comments, it is expected to release the next edition for the autumn of this year and print it for mass circulation, the head of the public association said. “This book should be in every family, as someone is a driver, others are pedestrians, but everyone should know the rules”, – said Alieh Trusaŭ. According to him, the Belarusian-language traffic rules should become an official document, approved by the decree of President of Republic of Belarus, so the book will be handed to the authorities.

However, the chairman of Francišak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society has expressed gratitude to the President’s Administration and management of traffic police of the Interior Ministry for permission to publish the rules.

Uladzimir Siŭčykaŭ, the publisher of the book, drew attention to the fact that the rules is a special edition, which in terms of quality exceeds their Russian-language version. According to him, the design made in the colors of the national white-red-white flag and without any prohibition signs is symbolic. “We have so many different prohibitions” Sivchikov said. He called media interest for the new edition “phenomenal”.

Sviatlana and Juraś Hiecevič at the presentation

Juraś Hiecevič notes that the publication of the rules is a precedent that shows to the Belarusians how to prepare a translation on the native language of any important state document, to receive its linguistic expertise in the academic Institute of Language and Literature, and then publish it.


Marat Haravy


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