Philology.BY – First meeting of computer linguists in Minsk

That’s a meeting for those who are already interested in or eager to learn about computer linguistics, text processing, contemporary tasks, trends of development.


• 19:00 – 20:00 Yuras Hetsevich (

Review of modern topics and services that are connected with the term «Natural Language Processing». Hands-on experience with text-to-speech synthesizer for Belarussian.

• Coffee break

• 20:10 – 21:00 Sergey Tihon (

“How to NLProc from .NET: An experience of making Stanford Software Packages available on .NET”. (Russian)

• 21:00 – 21:15 Round-table (everyone will have a possibility to share thoughts).

Day and time: May 28, 19:00—21:30.

Place: Startup Hub Imaguru (Фабрыцыюса, 4).

Aliaksiej Jaskievic

May 18, 2015


Download (PDF, 476KB)Download (PDF, 111KB)