(English) Belarusians test first mobile guide that will help you travel around the country

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Belarusians test first mobile guide that will help you travel around the country

KrokApp is a mobile app that will allow tourists to travel around Belarus without professional guides.

The idea of creating such a mobile guide belongs to Elena Kryvaltsevich, an employee at Informatics Institute of the National Academy of Science.

“Our app should help users to explore the city on their own. When a tourist activates the app, they can specify how much time they have for sightseeing. KrokApp will calculate how many places of interest a person can see and map the route”, Elena explained.

The first version of the app is now available for Android. There are three cities in free access: Minsk, Brest and Hrodna. The app offers short excursions in three languages – Belarusian, Russian and English – to five sights in each city.

In Minsk it is the Central railway station, the ‘Minsk Gate’, the Independence Square, the Red Church, and Government House.

In Brest you can listen the information about the Brest Fortress, the literature alley, the railway station, the winter garden and the Millennium Monument of Brest. In Grodno KrokApp will help visitors explore the Old and New Castles, the Farny Church, the Kalozha Church, the Lutheran Church and Grodno zoo.
Belarusians test first mobile guide that will help you travel around the country

According to the developers, the mobile app has been installed 475 times. Most of the downloads are from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, but there are users from the US and Germany. They say there are the already existing analogues of the app, including foreign ones, but most of them have rather limited information about Belarus, often just a list of sights.

In the future the developers plan to add information about all Belarusians cities to the app. The team also hopes to add more attractions to the list as well as useful tips about the nearest restaurants, movie theater and even public toilets.

Source: http://udf.by/english/soc/151181-belarusians-test-first-mobile-guide-that-will-help-you-travel-around-the-country.html

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