Hetsevich, Y. Belarusian module for NooJ // Y. Hetsevich, S. Hetsevich, B. Lobanov, Ya. Yakubovich // NooJ web-site [Electronic resourse]. – 2012. Mode of access : http://www.nooj4nlp.net/pages/belarusian.html. – Date of access : 16.03.2012.

The downloadable Belarusian module for NooJ includes :


— several texts and projects,

— several morphological and syntactic grammars,

— several dictionaries.


Read README.rtf inside the be.zip for further details.


If you use this module for your work, please cite:

Hetsevich Yuras, Hetsevich Sviatlana, 2012. Overview of Belarusian And Russian dictionaries and their adaptation for NooJ. In Automatic Processing of Various levels of linguistic phenomena. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (260 pages).


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