AI Voice Assistant

AI Voice Assistant – a platform with question-and-answer systems, with which you can talk to by voice and text.

The purpose of the development is to provide an efficient and easy-to-use mechanism for presenting general information and solving user questions.

The question-and-answer system allows the user to ask a question by voice and get an audio answer to it. Due to the use of artificial intelligence, it provides an opportunity to receive quick, high-quality and accurate answers to various questions. As a result of daily training, the voice assistant can both answer your questions about science and make fun suggestions.

Each question-and-answer system is built using the technologies of speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation and dialogue systems. At the moment, voice assistants are available in the form of telegram bots, in addition, work on the development of a web version is underway. Before starting work, the user can choose any assistant from those offered on the site and start a conversation with it. Each of the proposed systems has a name that humanizes it, and the user has the impression of a conversation with a real interlocutor.

For convenience, the domains, асістэнт.бел, асистент.бел are activated at the moment.

We plan to do soon:

  • develop Web, iOS and Android versions of the assistant for more convenient use;
  • develop a new version of the design;
  • design a logo;
  • add English, Russian and Chinese languages;
  • develop several “types” for the assistant, for example, “scientist”, “designer”, “businessman”, etc.;
  • collect feedback from users about the results of using the system.
    (Ideas and suggestions are accepted at the contact at the end of the page)

Our system can become your personal assistant!

Try it!


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