www.Corpus.by project description


The platform www.corpus.by has been developed and is being constantly developed further to provide users with a set of tools (services) for text, voice and other data processing. The developed services are grouped into thematic domains for more convenient use in specific fields of application.

The approach to the development of each service lies in allowing a user to run the service with one button using the input test data and see the results. Then a user is offered to use the service at their own risk and input their own data and adjust settings. It is, however, recommended to read the description of the service (?).

The description of services (?) is aimed at describing the task to be solved by the service, and also giving a cue to a user how the service can be used for their own purposes. The description of a service is added as the service is improved and put into practice. Additional comments and feedback are collected through the contacts on the platform in order to draw up more objective technical requirements for improving the services.

New services can be developed on demand through the use of the template service “Service Demonstrator”. One can download it in the selected programming language, give a name to the new service X, adjust it for the task. If the task has been solved successfully, if the accuracy of the service X is higher than 1%, then it can be uploaded on the platform through contacting the developers.

Technology stack which is used for the platform – php, MySql, Python, JavaScript, Html, Css. More than 90% of the services are programmed in php, Python has been introduced through the “Service Demonstrator”. All the services are being converted to Python, but we are looking for an additional developer to speed up the process. Other programming languages ​​can be used for the services development through contacting the developers directly.

Reuse of the platform services in your projects is welcome. For the majority of services an API has been developed, and the use of the services via the API has been demonstrated. Please send a simple email with a note “We used the service Y in the project Z :)”. That inspires us to pursue the platform development plan!


  • To develop new thematic domains and services for them;
  • Create user accounts so that users can save the results of their experiments and share them with others;
  • Develop a rating system for the services;
  • Develop a system for statistics collection in order to improve the performance of the most popular services;
  • Expand the platform development team;
  • Write (expand) the descriptions of the services that have been put into practice, tested, upgraded; translate fixed descriptions into English and other languages;
  • Develop new services for processing of new electronic resources for different languages, thematic domains and tasks;
  • Continue using the following approaches in the development of services: “everything has already been installed”, “ready to use”, “1 click on start – 1 instant result”, “everything has been saved”;
  • Develop versions of the platform and services for Android, IPhone, Promobot v4.


We would be grateful for additional plans, comments from you
and online or offline meetings with you!

E-mail: corpusby.contacts@gmail.com
A leaflet in the Belarusian and English languages.

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